In John 2: 6-8, Jesus turned water to wine, speaking of joy and happiness in the Holy Spirit.

In contrast with the ministry of Moses, he turned water into blood as a sign of God’s judgment (Ex 7:14-24),

Jesus brings joy and Moses the ministry of condemnation and judgment.

Where do we belong in our ministrations, are we turning water, (the word of God) into wine for the joy of God’s people as Ambassadors of reconciliation, or turning water to judgment and condemnation, terrorizing people to serve God and not out of love ?

Are we in the ministry of Moses or that of Jesus? If you are for Jesus , then please turn water to wine.

It’s a new Day of joy in our Saviour. Let out the glad tidings of the finished work of Christ.

Stop promoting the devil in your ministrations as if the sacrifice of Jesus is on vain.

We are asked to cast out devils and not to honour, plead or conduct interview with them .

Making the devil more powerful than Jesus ,and so creating fear in the people in other for them to believe and honour our ministry is turning water into blood.