INVITE DR. David O. Ogaga

In addition to the international resource website, David Ogaga Teaching trust (Ministry) is a present truth teaching ministry helping Churches transition into and be more established in the message of the Kingdom . This trans-local apostolic ministry is raised up for equipping and edifying the saints through ministry engagements such as conferences or ministry in your local fellowship, regardless of the size of your group or conference.


David Ogaga’s ministry is that of a teaching Apostle, and he is available to minister either individually or with a team. Through teaching ‘present truths’ that are being revealed by the Holy Spirit, he is able to impart vision and practical spiritual substance to churches and leaders. This enables individuals and leaders that are hungry, to bring themselves and their people to the ‘place’ God desires for them. These truths are more than informational, they are transformational.


David does not charge a fee to minister. We do ask that you provide for travel expenses and accommodations. He is willing to serve your ministry while trusting the Lord to meet the needs. We are sensitive to your desires and particular situation, as our aim is to understand the specific needs of your group, so we may minister most effectively.


Email us at: [email protected]