Adam did not fall from Grace but from sonship. This is why the trial of Jesus was centred on his sonship as soon as the father declared him to be his beloved son in whom he is well pleased.

We preach more on falling from Grace than falling from our realm of sonship in God. But it’s our sonship that is really on trial on how we can live in total obedience to the will of the father.


Jesus turned down the demand for him to turn the stones into bread because the command or suggestions didn’t come from his father. That was his sonship on trial.

So religion tries to give us things to do that are not in the will of the father just to prove how much power or anointing we have, without realising that it is our sonship that’s on trial. The word says, ‘As many as are led by the spirit of God they are the sons of God ‘(Rom. 8:14)


Living and walking in true obedience to the will of the father, in all that we do, so his will might be done through us is the beginning of the manifestations of our sonship.

Jesus word is ‘I do nothing except what I see the father do,’ That is walking in sonship.

So friends, while we rejoice in the Grace that we have received, let us notice that it’s really our sonship that’s on trial on a daily basis.


That is what Adam lost, that is what we are being restored back into, and because that is what really requires our obedience.

Jesus never demonstrated power until he first demonstrated his obedience to the will of the father.


(c) 2016 – Dr. David O. Ogaga