Such a scary number that is most preached about, when men are to scare others into submission to religious faith.

Men have said it’s the computer bar codes on products, others an individual that shall rise up on the face of the Earth, microchips in human bodies, and yet others, maybe the Idi Amin Dada of Uganda, Henry Kissinger, Hitler, Saddam Hussein etc. etc, manifesting as the Anti-Christ. But just what is this Number 666?

Somebody says , is it not the number of man? Yes, but it is not the number of an individual but the corporate man without Christ. You see, man was created on the sixth Day of the creation week.(Gen.1:26-31) Therefore the number of man is the number six, just like seven is the number of perfection or completeness, which also is the number of God, even as Eight is the number of Jesus, a new beginning.

Anyway, let us start with this scripture.