John 1:12 “But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name”

The power to save flows from believing .

This is why even the Muslims aren’t saved though they know who Jesus is even in the Koran as the son of God born by Mary. They know it but the factor of belief is missing. Knowing a thing devoid of believing doesn’t guarantee power.

I read of a Muslim lecturer in one of the universities in this country with a PhD in Theology but he is not saved. The Book to him is only a course of study to make a living. But no saving grace because of lack of believing.

Why so many still doubt the Bible and regard it as just another religious Book like every other is because of lack of believing. This is why they claim the Bible is not correct, it contradicts itself, it’s not complete, some Books are missing etc.

But the point is, if only you can take this volume of 66 Books and be satisfied with it, you will receive an overwhelming transformative power in your life .

God in His wisdom has made good His intentions in this volume and life flows from just this volume. No need looking for the Apocryphas or the seven Books of Moses etc.

You might just be looking at historical accounts that will not transform your life spiritually speaking.

This volume is just enough the way it is.

It’s been tested and proven with saving power for majority of those who attempted to believe it just the way it is.

Some of us got saved just reading this Book out of curiosity about life when we were in a terrible situation . No one preached to me by way of witnessing.

You can literally feel the flow of the Holy Spirit spring out of this Book reading it with the mindset that it is inspired by the Holy Spirit and that it is the HOLY BOOK.

This is why you may pray simple prayers that God may enlighten your eyes of understanding whenever you want to read the Bible .

This Book is not a novel but the Word of life revealed in print which translates into spirit as you meditate on it with an open mind. It will reveal your life and world around you to you as you believe for that is where power flows from, BELIEVING!