Rev. 20:12, “And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and ANOTHER BOOK was opened, which is the BOOK OF LIFE: and the dead were JUDGED out of those things which were written in THE BOOKS, according to their works.”

Within Christendom we have all been accustomed to hearing stories, even pictures and films about the Lamb’s Book of Life that will be opened as we approach the gates of heaven at death with angels stationed to trace your name within the Book which will determine where you go to, either Heaven or Hell.

With either Satan escorting you to Hell or another angel escorting you into Heaven. But how many of us truly know where the idea came from, and exactly what it stands for?

Do we really understand what we believe and are teaching our people and children maybe in Sunday schools? What of if the Bible didn’t so much as teach what you are believing, will you submit humbly to have a rethink and go back to teach your people the truth as it is supposed to be?

From the above picture what John saw were BOOKS (plural) and another Book (singular) which is the Book of Life, and the judgment was according to what was written in the Books (plural).

So what were those ,”Books” and what was written in them? What is it that’s written in the singular “Book of Life” in relation to what is written in “the Books” that people are to be judged from?

If I may ask is it possible that so many of us don’t understand this metaphoric language that John used here? What if we truly get to know that we are missing, the true meaning of what John had in mind when He wrote this and why?

It is therefore imperative that we take a critical look at this subject to unravel this mystery of this BOOK and BOOKS in order to bring about some clarity to our understanding as to what all of this represents in the light of the Scriptures and the Spirit of Truth.
Having seen that, we will then go on to apply its message to our own lives.

To be continued…