Profiling yourself with a Doctorate Degree garments when you can’t defend such title is an abuse and insult to knowledge and wisdom; very abusive language to the world of the Academia.

We are in an age where everything is on sale and that includes the Doctorate Degrees.

The most dangerous people committing this heinous crime are those peddling these degrees for money and claiming to be an institution to be recognized.

Ah! We see men who can’t explain a scripture in simple terms for the average listening audience to understand being called Doctors. Men who can’t defend the title they carry or even understand what a Thesis is. Men who don’t know what it means to do a research work or, even what they believed in and professes.

They are all out there walking the street and showing off as someone, even in churches.

Do you know what PHD really stands for? DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY! Do you know what you are claiming to represent?

Can anyone in the secular world carry these badges as we do in the churches without paying the price for it?

You don’t like to study; you find it difficult to do a research work. Even reading the Bible is an issue for you. Yet you are a Doctor of Philosophy.

How do you feel wearing those garments and posing with the title, and yet you don’t know what it stands for or meant to be to the society that you live in?

Do you have a conscience at all?

Buying these degrees is equivalent to buying knowledge and wisdom and that’s not possible, besides it’s an abuse of the field you claim to represent.

No wonder we have quack Doctors all over in the field of medicine, same now with the Church for as the world goes so goes the church instead of the reverse .

Are we surprised the church is unstable as it is because of this merchandising of titles by the marketers.

What God wants from us is changing the world into His by His power and glory. We are talking of bringing men into the accurate knowledge of who they are as sons of God, His intents and purposes, and not just wearing some garments and titles all around and yet achieving nothing for God.

We listen to your messages, but we don’t know where you are coming from or heading to.

If you want the degree; go study for it. Don’t buy degree because one day this title you are carrying will embarrass you when you will be called upon to stand in your office.

Somebody said Pastor, but we don’t need all these degrees to do the work of God.

That’s exactly what I am saying. Why buy these things that are not what you need for the work my brother.

You know what?

Turn these garments to become a cassock to serve as the head Chorister. You will do better there.

May the Lord help His church.