It is the case that a man’s life is summarily understood by his words, acts and stands.

Your words have always been seasoned with salt. Anyone who truly desires to know the mind of God and the things that are freely given us in Christ Jesus will readily consume your words in whatever format they come.

Your acts are courses outlines in themselves. Models of the Father and His Christ with the loving guidance of the Holy Spirit. I have seen you and watched you in the little time I have known you, carry out some acts that leaves me wondering “can I do this for the Father and Kingdom if I were in his shoes?”

You have taken stands for the truths revealed to you by the Holy Spirit even at the risk of being a sole voice, voicing that which shakes the traditions of men, the dogmas of denominations and the unverified theo-trado practices within many circles.

You have impacted my studies and teachings in no small measure. You’ve made the ministry of the prophet-teacher as distinct from the general class of prophets and that of teachers, clearly understood.

Thank you Daddy for being:
A loving father……….✅
A caring shepherd……..✅
A diligent teacher…………..✅
A master mentor………………..✅
A focused role model……………..✅
An accessible Senior Friend………..✅

The arrangement of the ✅ is deliberately done and a message on its Daddy.

Welcome to SIXTY-FINE and it sure do look good on you Daddy. May the Lord Himself bless you with all blessings due a father as you are. May He cause His face to shine upon you. As your days, so shall your strength be. It’s from glory to glory. Thank you for staying true to the call and for being a model in the Apostolic ministry with an uncommon integrity and diligent labour in the word.

From I and mine, we say HAPPY BREATHNIVERSARY DADDY, Dr. Ogaga O. David.

Sincerely Your junior friend.
Dr. Osas.