Oh yes! It is Daddy’s 65yrs birthday/ 35yrs in Ministry Celebration and a milestone Worth celebrating specially! You know I have always been a thankful heart . And so, I single out this auspicious occasion to declare, acknowledge and appreciate your steadfastness towards God and humanity. Indeed, I consider myself very lucky amongst men ( in KDDC) as you keep enriching my life with manifold, undiluted, reinvigorating, resounding and amazing word of God. Lastly, thank you Sir for fixing our wedding date unknowingly to you .The first time my wife and I visited you at your office on the 5th February,2019. I had no wedding date in mind; your fatherly warm reception and for the fact you told us you won’t be in the Country in September; there in your office I fixed 24th August,2019 for our wedding. God used you to fast – tracked our wedding plans!
Join me family and friends to create indelible memories in celebration of our father’s 65th birthday / 35th ministry celebration!