I have been with Dr. David Ogaga since 2004 after my WASCE about 18 years now. Since that time until now, it has been a smooth relationship not just because of the supernatural link but the his disposition in life and ministry.
To avoid beating about bush, I have pinpointed few notable traits I learned from Daddy over the years that have been of a blessing to my life since then.

Firstly is His Consistency in Character and Doctrine: Dr. David Ogaga has never changed since I knew him both in character and in doctrine. My Daddy in the Lord has never followed the reigning message or the popular meat. The message of the Kingdom has been his core focus and regardless of the resistance in those early years and even now, he never gave up the message. He taught with the same intensity regardless of the number of people present. He believed that one soul touched can light up his or her generation. This is not different from Jesus who poured His life on few individuals who eventually turned their world upside down.

Secondly, His Humble Disposition is worth emulating. Sometimes, I wonder with deep thought while the Setman popularly referred to as General Overseer of the house would come to his meeting before the service to set the hall in order and noticed what none of us saw. Humility can really open one’s eyes to mistakes that are not obvious to others. Daddy is not ashamed to do what is needful at the moment. He teaches with high regard for his listeners. He depicts Jesus washing His disciples’ feet. He is an Amazing leader who lives what he teaches.

His Love and Concern for His Sons and Daughters: God’s Servant is love in display. He loves unconditionally. You can see love when he corrects and gives instructions. There was a day he called me and corrected me on how to lead prayers in church. I could literally see his choice of words. There was a day he called me to eat with him from the same plate, I was filled with awe. Dr. David Ogaga truly has the heart of a shepherd.

Finally, God’s Servant believes in people: Dr. David Ogaga believed in me and made me the resident pastor of a branch church at a very tender age in life and ministry. not many would do that. God’s servant wants you to do and learn practical lessons in what you do. And this has also made me to believe so much in people and can delegate without fear of losing prominence.

Daddy, me and my family truly love you!

Desmond D. Osokpor
KACC Ughelli