I want to thank God almighty for the opportunity of meeting Dr. David Ogaga in My life time, because Alot has changed in my life and thought patterns.
I use to Think that Jesus Christ was the head and leader of the heavenly military junta, because as they say, he will be appearing in the atmosphere with red glowing eyes on a horse, with a red gament, and a sword to havest the righteous only and God as the chief Justice of the heavenly, whose judgement is either you are going to hell to suffer for enternity or to hevean to the mansions that are reserved for the righteous only.
Thank you Daddy for simplifying the mysteries behind the kingdom and taking away the scales .You are a good man, a Teacher, an Accessable leader that is worthy of emulation, an envagelist to the core and above all a father.
May God continue to bless you and fill you with more wisdom.
Thank you sir, We love .