Happy New YOU Doctor.

Years back, when I started questioning the dogmas I had been taught in my initial foundation in Christianity, I would sit down before computers in a cyber-cafe in my home town This, in building called Thika Arcade, browsing and browsing, asking questions that were becoming apparent in my mind.

And I found documents written by Dr. Robert Munien, that I downloaded, printed and consumed with ardent hunger. And later I asked Dr. Munien about a question dealing with Dispensationalism and Rapture Doctrines and he wrote to me saying that there was A MAN, who had actually defended his doctoral dissertation on these matters. And that’s where I was introduced to you. And I remember asking you these very questions and you sent me a document you had written, SEVENTY WEEKS OF DANIEL, and it explained what I had initially ‘heard’ inside me. The fog was gone. Later on, documents upon documents coming from you would stream into my life, even before they became BOOKS. Father’s House, The Message Of The Kingdom, The Apostles and Apostolic, audios upon audios!

I remember hosting you in Kenya. I didn’t know what I was doing, but I was committed to it fully! And I lost so much for the sake of it. And I have never regretted having met you in Doctrine and in Person.

Key-note is your humility, which is a CROWN UPON YOUR HEAD, which is lacking in many apostolic and kingdom message expressions. It is a Hallmark in my life and a beachhead of how I run and will ever run ministry, Father giving me Grace to.

It is an honour knowing you, since then, now, and ever in this life. You’ve shaped my life Doc.

From I and Faith Sonnie , Happy New You Sir.