35th Anniversary Celebration

    With all the blessings we have from been Pastored and led by our Founding Pastor Dr. David O. Ogaga, we want to take time to honor him for leading and pioneering this ministry for 35 years and counting. Alongside this memorable ministry milestone, we would also be celebrating his 65th Birthday.

    On Behalf of the ministry (GKAM Global) I would like to invite you to attend Apostle’s Appreciation /Birthday Celebration on Saturday, 27th August 2022 10am – 12:30pm.


    Dr David has served as an exemplary shepherd and as a ministry we want to also honor him financially as one we count worthy of double honor in accordance with 1 Tim 5:17 and Gal 6:6.


    This page has been dedicated to this, you can also give or write how impactful his ministry has been to you in the last 35 years.

    All the special words of appreciation and financial gifts would be presented to him during this celebration

    Please join us at The KDCC HQ, 12 Kuyuni Street, Off NNPC Link Road, Warri, Delta State, Nigeria to honor our father, Pastor, leader and Apostle . RSVP to +234 916 199 8996


    We hope to see you there.



    Maxwell E. Ogaga, Pastoral Overseer, GKAM Global






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    Dr Ogaga David who happens

    Dr Ogaga David who happens to be my only spiritual father has really been of a great blessing to me and my family.I have sat under dad’s teachings for 22 years.Through dad,I learnt humility and excellence.He is somebody that if you have a good followers heart,you won’t want to ever leave him because he leads by example.If it’s sweeping or cleaning the church,daddy does that even as a G.O,if it’s giving, daddy gives to members and even to the church.I have also been able to understand my position as a believer through daddy’s expository teachings and he has been CONSISTENT with the truth.I celebrate you dad

    Emayomi jane
    KDCC warri

    Greatness comes in humble packages

    Greatness comes in humble packages

    Precious David-Ogaga

    Daddy, You are a great

    Daddy, You are a great contributor to my family’s journey and smiles.
    We want to sincerely appreciate you for your love, commitment and dedication towards our growth and well being over the years.
    We appreciate the single heartedness of your life, and the sacrifices you make for us and the flock God has given you.

    Thank you sir for been such a great and awesome father.

    Happy celebration Sir.

    May the Lord grant you and the work he has placed in your hands greater grace.
    Thank you so much sir.

    Glenn Orighoyegha
    Rhema family church

    Thank you for feeding God’s

    Thank you for feeding God’s flock the spiritual food and drink we need through teaching us the meanings and applications of the Word of God. Thank you for your sound doctrine, and this food for our souls.
    Your teachings had brought us more love and confidence in the walk of faith building us for a better hope for life and godliness.
    You are a herald for the holy Scriptures, and it is comforting to know you are Our Father , Teacher and pastor .

    Happy birthday General!

    Okonana Godwin Ayomide


    I have been with Dr. David Ogaga since 2004 after my WASCE about 18 years now. Since that time until now, it has been a smooth relationship not just because of the supernatural link but the his disposition in life and ministry.
    To avoid beating about bush, I have pinpointed few notable traits I learned from Daddy over the years that have been of a blessing to my life since then.

    Firstly is His Consistency in Character and Doctrine: Dr. David Ogaga has never changed since I knew him both in character and in doctrine. My Daddy in the Lord has never followed the reigning message or the popular meat. The message of the Kingdom has been his core focus and regardless of the resistance in those early years and even now, he never gave up the message. He taught with the same intensity regardless of the number of people present. He believed that one soul touched can light up his or her generation. This is not different from Jesus who poured His life on few individuals who eventually turned their world upside down.

    Secondly, His Humble Disposition is worth emulating. Sometimes, I wonder with deep thought while the Setman popularly referred to as General Overseer of the house would come to his meeting before the service to set the hall in order and noticed what none of us saw. Humility can really open one’s eyes to mistakes that are not obvious to others. Daddy is not ashamed to do what is needful at the moment. He teaches with high regard for his listeners. He depicts Jesus washing His disciples’ feet. He is an Amazing leader who lives what he teaches.

    His Love and Concern for His Sons and Daughters: God’s Servant is love in display. He loves unconditionally. You can see love when he corrects and gives instructions. There was a day he called me and corrected me on how to lead prayers in church. I could literally see his choice of words. There was a day he called me to eat with him from the same plate, I was filled with awe. Dr. David Ogaga truly has the heart of a shepherd.

    Finally, God’s Servant believes in people: Dr. David Ogaga believed in me and made me the resident pastor of a branch church at a very tender age in life and ministry. not many would do that. God’s servant wants you to do and learn practical lessons in what you do. And this has also made me to believe so much in people and can delegate without fear of losing prominence.

    Daddy, me and my family truly love you!

    Desmond D. Osokpor
    KACC Ughelli

    Desmond D. Osokpor
    Kingdom Advancement Christian Centre (GKAM Global)

    Happy birthday Sir, thank you

    Happy birthday Sir, thank you so much for all you do for the body of Christ. You have been a blessing to my growth in the knowledge of God’s word. Your articles on Facebook has impacted my life and also helped me to a better view of scripture.

    May God bless and keep you, make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you.

    Happy gracious birthday Sir

    Anthonia Cletus
    KDCC Bonny

    In Honour & Respect to

    In Honour & Respect to my Apostle, Teacher, Shepherd, Pastor & Father…

    I know of a Man

    He is an APOSTLE to the nations with a restoration cutting edge to RESTORE TRUTH & BRING ORDER to the KINGDOM; shinning forth the glorious light of the message of the KINGDOM

    As a TEACHER, it is always a delight to dwell under your bosom because in there lies sufficient supplies of teachings, instructions & wisdom to keep me going

    He is my SHEPHERD, the Angel God has given to ditch me my meals in due season
    & Faithful he has been

    A PASTOR that understands the heartbeat of his people, cares to the core & loves lavishly

    A FATHER, who has fathered us by an exemplary Life;
    A Life worth following
    A Life worth living
    A Life worth celebrating

    Bringing BLESSINGS & LIGHT to the ends of the Earth.

    Live Forever Dad
    & More fruitful years of Ministry

    I Love you superfluously, superabundantly, superbly…

    _Tega Ohwo_

    Tega Ohwo

    My encounter with you through

    My encounter with you through your book on the Kingdom of God has not left me and seeing you face to face remains a blessing to me
    Thank you for being there for us and a blessing to the Body of Christ at large.


    I heard him teach for

    I heard him teach for the first time I came to church and I couldn’t stop listening to him since then. He leads you to the truth and allows you to be the judge of what you believe. Happy birthday sir. Adjarho Bozimo Edisemi Blessing.

    Adjarho Bozimo Edisemi Blessing

    I first met you in

    I first met you in Chicago several years ago at the Harlo White Ministries summer convention where you spoke and dazzled us with your presence. Since then for the past several years I have witnessed you intrigue and astonish the world by your vast spiritual knowledge of the Word of God and the wisdom by which you apply it. I have literally wept as the anointing fell while reading your books of revealed truth that the Father has poured into your being. You are a beloved treasure to the world and especially to the Body of Christ. I wish you love, peace and joy as you live out your days my friend.

    Arona Sanford
    Harlo White Ministries

    The impact and influence of

    The impact and influence of the ministry, grace, relationship and association of Apostle David Ogaga will forever remain a milestone in my personal journey of destiny and calling. He is special, profoundly genuine and selfless; a first amongst equal. My special prayers for him is simple; that he rises to his final calling, office and stature of a true patriarch in his days. Surely, of the increase of God’s government, grace, wisdom, strength and rewards over His life there shall be no end! I am blessed and forever grateful our paths crossed at this time!

    Alika Benjamin
    The Blueprint Inspired

    He has being my family

    He has being my family good Shepherd since I have known him.His humility and humble ways of preaching and teaching have draw me to his ministry.,I must say that I have never be captivate by any kingdom teacher like my senior pastor.Taking time to listen to his messages and understanding of how he nail each topic to my understanding is amazing.Happy birthday to you my Dr and Spiritual father.

    Emayomi Henry
    Kingdom development Christian center warri

    Dr David Ogaga O. David

    Dr David Ogaga O. David is the teacher’s teacher.

    He has the unique ability to simplify very complex scriptures and in my opinion one of the finest theologians on the face of the earth.

    Family,it is often said that the love God has for a people is revealed in the gifts he releases in their time. When I consider this gift I realise how much God loves this generation.

    Help me celebrate Doc on his 65th birthday.

    Happy Birthday General!


    It’s been a blessing meeting

    It’s been a blessing meeting and knowing Dr David Ogaga. The relationship has been great and personal. I pray for him, that the new year will be crowned with wisdom and supernatural favour for more in life and ministry. I love you pastor sir

    Azubuike Alfred

    I met Dr via his

    I met Dr via his sons page . Bought books past max and apostle Brandon Bailey. I believe the Holy Spirit led me toe Dr’s page .we speak the same language of the Kingdom .his teaching confirms alot of messages and gave me a deeper revelation of the word .I bought books of Dr that impacted my way of ministering. More Grace to you Sir .

    John Noble
    Ruif Ministries

    We have enjoyed, been stretched

    We have enjoyed, been stretched & richly Blessed by Apostle Ogaga. Our meeting him in July of this year, fully ensured us the connection was truly of God. We appreciate the continuous pour from his life & the simplicity that he delivers the message of the Kingdom.

    May you continue with great favor & grace.
    Shomari & Sheryl

    Shomari & Sheryl Smith
    New Breed Cincinnati

    Your consistency, passion, and dedication

    Your consistency, passion, and dedication to the work of ministry are inspiring.

    How you teach and expound the scriptures with clarity, breaking down what seemingly looks like deep revelations into simple digestible bits.

    Your teaching grace is infectious and contagious which has robbed us, now when we speak or teach the word, people are quick to nod their heads and admit and say revelation!!!

    Happy Birthday sir.
    More grace for greater works
    I love you.

    Orogun Ogaga

    The impact of Daddy’s messages

    The impact of Daddy’s messages in our spiritual life is likened to what healthy balanced diet does to our physical body.

    May God grant you more of HIS grace to continue living a fulfilled life in CHRIST JESUS! AMEN.🙏🏾



    Daddy David is the reason

    Daddy David is the reason for my placement in life and ministry today, Daddy is a man sold out to the kingdom advancement pursuit, When I met daddy I desired the grace for accurate dream interpretation and today I have seen that grace duplicated in my life and ministry.. daddy is just too much for words to communicate.. Thank you daddy for your selfless service in my life and ministry..

    Isheke Felix
    Living faith Church

    Firstly I really thank God

    Firstly I really thank God for the life of our beloved father, brother, friend and also a great teacher. To be candid have learn so much from your teaching, not only your teaching but also your life.. your teaching has made a great impact in my life, in my marriage and my ministry.. All I could say is that you’re a father to the father’s and a teacher to teachers. I pray that God be with you sir

    Prophet Daniel

    Dear Bishop, Your messages

    Dear Bishop,
    Your messages have touched millions of lives and penetrated every nook and cranny of the city. We pray God continues to be your guide. May He give you the strength to win more souls to His kingdom. Happy birthday Dr. Ogaga O. David

    Pastor Osei Kofi Micheal
    Registrar, Resurrected Life Christian University

    Happy Birthday sir!! You have

    Happy Birthday sir!! You have blessed countless lives. You still continue to bless countless lives. There are more people impacted by your teachings than you know. I am one of them. It’s been only about two years since I was first introduced to your ministry, and it has been revolutionary for me. I praise God for your faithful stewardship of the word of God. I pray that you multiply in every good thing, in Jesus name!
    Happy Birthday sir!

    Peter E. Nwoji
    Teliosis World Outreach

    Apostle David Ogaga is an

    Apostle David Ogaga is an exemplary minister. I have been blessed by his teaching ministry, he is one of the few that I public affirm as my teacher. I actively learn from and follow him. Apostle’s humility is noteworthy, I engaged him on Facebook messenger regarding one of his teaching before you know it, he called me on phone. I felt so honored to compare notes with someone I look up to, my teacher.
    Thank you for the many counsels via your articles; WHY WORRY PASTOR? Great blessing you have been Sir. I pray the Lord keep you yet more so that we can enjoy the gift of you for decades more in Jesus Name. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Apostle Sír 🙌🏽🙇🏾

    Kunle Layokun

    Firstly I really thank God

    Firstly I really thank God for the life of our beloved father, brother, friend and also a great teacher. To be candid have learn so much from your teaching, not only your teaching but also your life.. your teaching has made a great impact in my life, in my marriage and my ministry.. All I could say is that you’re a father to the father’s and a teacher to teachers. I pray that God be with you sir t

    Prophet Daniel

    Dr David Ogaga impart and

    Dr David Ogaga impart and impact in my Life and family has been too enormous for words to express both spiritually, physically, morally and In several other areas.. Spiritually,he has helped to thickened my wine skin and broaden my spiritual capacity, my understanding and receptive level of God’s truth has never remain the same since my encounter with him… Happy birthday and congratulations God’s General, More grace, speed and strength as you continue on your next phase of ministry and life in Jesus name, amen.

    Pastor Michael Efe
    Gkami/ Kdcc HQ

    Dear Dr. David Ogaga I would

    Dear Dr. David Ogaga

    I would like to thank you for your heart in sharing present truth and in raising the next generation. You are an example and a loving apostle to churches in the body of Christ in Africa. May all grace, peace and love abound towards you.

    I used to receive your messages frequently via WhatsApp and you used social media well to advance God’s kingdom.


    Lungile Mnukwa

    Lungile Mnukwa
    Arise In Glory Tabernacle

    Happy birthday to you Daddy

    Happy birthday to you Daddy Dr Ogaga O David…
    Knowing you since 2007 has been one of the wonderful things that have happened to me in my pilgrimage on earth…

    The Lord used and still using you to bring us into alignment in the gospel…

    You made Christianity so simple by demonstration and teaching…
    Your labour and clarity in word and doctrine is the mark of your Apostleship in the body of Christ…

    From the first time I met you, I knew that you are not a local church man but an Apostolic voice to the church universal…

    Thanks so much sir for your fight of faith in contending for the faith…

    Your energy is refreshed day by day and the father continues to avail himself to you and so you can continue to establish the church in the faith with the gospel of the kingdom…

    We rejoice in your light always sir… Happy birthday!!!

    Goodluck and Joy Akovie

    Goodluck Akovie
    Liberty International Church

    Oh yes! It is Daddy’s

    Oh yes! It is Daddy’s 65yrs birthday/ 35yrs in Ministry Celebration and a milestone Worth celebrating specially! You know I have always been a thankful heart . And so, I single out this auspicious occasion to declare, acknowledge and appreciate your steadfastness towards God and humanity. Indeed, I consider myself very lucky amongst men ( in KDDC) as you keep enriching my life with manifold, undiluted, reinvigorating, resounding and amazing word of God. Lastly, thank you Sir for fixing our wedding date unknowingly to you .The first time my wife and I visited you at your office on the 5th February,2019. I had no wedding date in mind; your fatherly warm reception and for the fact you told us you won’t be in the Country in September; there in your office I fixed 24th August,2019 for our wedding. God used you to fast – tracked our wedding plans!
    Join me family and friends to create indelible memories in celebration of our father’s 65th birthday / 35th ministry celebration!

    Efuetanu Henry Ejomafuvwe

    Dr. Ogaga’s teachings Has enlightened

    Dr. Ogaga’s teachings Has enlightened my understanding tremendously, beyond the teachings, he’s disciplined, God fearing, selfless and humble.
    He’s is a rare gift to the body of Christ and to the world at large.

    Benjamin Great Amanaha
    Divine Delegates Assembly

    Happy New YOU Doctor. Years back,

    Happy New YOU Doctor.

    Years back, when I started questioning the dogmas I had been taught in my initial foundation in Christianity, I would sit down before computers in a cyber-cafe in my home town This, in building called Thika Arcade, browsing and browsing, asking questions that were becoming apparent in my mind.

    And I found documents written by Dr. Robert Munien, that I downloaded, printed and consumed with ardent hunger. And later I asked Dr. Munien about a question dealing with Dispensationalism and Rapture Doctrines and he wrote to me saying that there was A MAN, who had actually defended his doctoral dissertation on these matters. And that’s where I was introduced to you. And I remember asking you these very questions and you sent me a document you had written, SEVENTY WEEKS OF DANIEL, and it explained what I had initially ‘heard’ inside me. The fog was gone. Later on, documents upon documents coming from you would stream into my life, even before they became BOOKS. Father’s House, The Message Of The Kingdom, The Apostles and Apostolic, audios upon audios!

    I remember hosting you in Kenya. I didn’t know what I was doing, but I was committed to it fully! And I lost so much for the sake of it. And I have never regretted having met you in Doctrine and in Person.

    Key-note is your humility, which is a CROWN UPON YOUR HEAD, which is lacking in many apostolic and kingdom message expressions. It is a Hallmark in my life and a beachhead of how I run and will ever run ministry, Father giving me Grace to.

    It is an honour knowing you, since then, now, and ever in this life. You’ve shaped my life Doc.

    From I and Faith Sonnie , Happy New You Sir.


    Rev. Fredrick Mwaura Mukiri.
    Zoe Communion in The Life Gate Community.

    Blessed 65th Birthday Bishop Dr

    Blessed 65th Birthday Bishop Dr David Ogaga.

    Such a blessing to know you albeit online and to glean in from your well of wisdom through your many Facebook posts.

    65 is prophetically the number of establishment in government and I believe you have attained governance in the Kingdom of God, you are a General in your own right and I truly thank God for you.

    I pray that God continues to be the stronghold of your life and may you experience immeasurable joy of the Lord as it is your strength.

    Happy 65th Birthday Sir!
    Ariririririririririririri 🎉🎊

    Dr A.L. Wanjiku 🇰🇪
    Ruach Assemblies Tabernacle, Nairobi Kenya

    Dad! The only thought that

    Dad! The only thought that gives me mental strength is that you’re always there to support me whatever the situation comes. Words cannot express how much love and respect I have for you. Thank you dad for being my biggest support! I love you!

    Ogaga Angela oghenefejiro
    Kingdom development Christ center

    I was born in a

    I was born in a Pentecostal church, and I grew up with many questions about our doctrines that were left unanswered. I moved from church to church till I left Lagos in frustration. I stumbled into delta state and met Dr David ogaga ministry, and His teaching changed my life and quench my thirst and years of confusion.
    Thank you sir for not joining them to preach popular messages, thank you for not following what is trending, you stayed where God placed you, you proclaimed the kingdom.Am forever grateful, am proud to call you father, any day, anywhere and time.Thank you Dr David. O.Ogaga.

    George Moses

    Sir, your humility and meekness

    Sir, your humility and meekness has been an example for me. It’s the light that shines on me every time I’m privileged to come in contact with you.

    Much more Sir, your teaching ministry has been very inspiring in its simplicity, clarity and textual basis.

    On this occasion of your birthday Sir, I honor you and celebrate the grace that the Lord has graciously given you and the work He has done by you. Happy birthday Sir.

    David Bassey
    Tribe of Christ Church

    Praise the Lord! I would

    Praise the Lord!
    I would love to register my appreciation too toward honoring Dr Ogaga as we celebrate his 65th birth day and 35th year in ministry.
    I first celebrate across Dr. Ogaga through his ministration in Durban-South Africa in 2018 while ministering in a conference hosted by pastor Randolph Barnwell.
    From that moment my spirit leapt from what I heard Dr Ogaga sharing about Kingdom of God. From then, I have always been following his ministry teaching and the grace of God released through the teachings. The teachings have delivered me from a lot of religious errors in which I hitherto used to practise.

    Generally I have been blessed and graced by the ministry of Dr. Ogaga.
    Happy birthday Dr. Ogaga. Your labour in ministry has been phenomenal and transformational globally.

    God bless and keep you as you step into the new phase in life and ministry.

    Jason juma Wanyonyi
    Jesus Victors Chapel Nairobi

    Happy birthday daddy ,

    Happy birthday daddy , you are a perfect person , and I admire that about you , peaceful and blessed!
    Godbless you all the days of your life you gave me words that worked for me , I’m proud to be a member of your church and I cannot wait for KACC to come to yenagoa . Godbless you daddy

    Jennifer solomon

    I first met you in

    I first met you in Chicago several years ago at the Harlo White Ministries summer convention where you spoke and dazzled us with your presence. Since then for the past several years I have witnessed you intrigue and astonish the world by your vast spiritual knowledge of the Word of God and the wisdom by which you apply it. I have literally wept as the anointing fell while reading your books of revealed truth that the Father has poured into your being. You are a beloved treasure to the world and especially to the Body of Christ. I wish you love, peace and joy as you live out your days my friend.

    Arona Sanford
    Harlo White Ministries

    The impact of Dr David

    The impact of Dr David Ogaga in my Life cannot be overemphasized. As the scripture says, God gives us shepherds after his own heart. Daddy is that shepherd for me.
    Your constant care and concern for me and my family right from when I was a child, through my school days, up to this very moment, showed you went beyond pastoring to fathering. You were there for me many times. I felt secure under the umbrella of your spiritual covering. Thank you Sir for giving me glimpse of what it means to have a true father.
    Your constant teaching and rightly dividing the word of truth has impacted my life so much. I knew how to exercise my rights in Christ at a very young age. I’m always blessed sitting under your teachings. I thank God for such a privilege.
    You are humble and honest attributes is worth emulating.
    Thank you so much sir.
    I love you Daddy.

    Efuetanu Akpevwe

    Dr., our generation is blessed

    Dr., our generation is blessed and instructed because of you. Your teachings have shaped many of us. On the occasion of your 65th birthday and 35th anniversary in Ministry, we wish you nothing but God’s best. May God grant you good health, strength and long life. May you receive more resources in your latter days for more achievements for the Kingdom in Jesus name. We love you, Sir. Congratulations.

    Jerry Panou
    Disciple Nations Church

    I want to thank God

    I want to thank God almighty for the opportunity of meeting Dr. David Ogaga in My life time, because Alot has changed in my life and thought patterns.
    I use to Think that Jesus Christ was the head and leader of the heavenly military junta, because as they say, he will be appearing in the atmosphere with red glowing eyes on a horse, with a red gament, and a sword to havest the righteous only and God as the chief Justice of the heavenly, whose judgement is either you are going to hell to suffer for enternity or to hevean to the mansions that are reserved for the righteous only.
    Thank you Daddy for simplifying the mysteries behind the kingdom and taking away the scales .You are a good man, a Teacher, an Accessable leader that is worthy of emulation, an envagelist to the core and above all a father.
    May God continue to bless you and fill you with more wisdom.
    Thank you sir, We love .

    Adjarho, Oghenekevwe Samuel
    Kingdom Development christain centre

    On behalf of my family,

    On behalf of my family, I celebrate this great man of the Great God, Apostle David Ogaga. You are an icon, a colossus of the faith, on whose wings many have found shelter; and have come to an estate of enviable maturity in Christ.

    You have stayed true to the gospel of the kingdom of God over the years, enduring the cross of its proclamation and despising the shame of its declaration because of the joy that has been captured in your experience today.

    Happy Birthday in advance to you Elder. It is my prayer that all your labours of the past, present and future shall turn to your testimonies.

    May you continue to enjoy the riches of redemption and function at God’s best for the rest of your life. Shalom and more life to you.

    Bishop John Tutu
    Institute of African Missions



    Maxwell Ogaga

    My revered teacher, your messages

    My revered teacher, your messages and writeups have brought heavy clarity to me and I have seen light from a new perspective, with no shadow of doubt it has impacted on my teaching and preaching assignment. Sir words can’t quantify what your impact has brought but all I can say is that God would continually uphold you, as your age is so shall your strength be in Jesus name.
    On behalf of The CAVE ADULLAM MINISTRIES and myself we love and celebrate you… Happy birthday sir

    Ovie Ifode



    Kingdom Developmennt Christian Centre Bonny Island



    It is the case that a man’s life is summarily understood by his words, acts and stands.

    Your words have always been seasoned with salt. Anyone who truly desires to know the mind of God and the things that are freely given us in Christ Jesus will readily consume your words in whatever format they come.

    Your acts are courses outlines in themselves. Models of the Father and His Christ with the loving guidance of the Holy Spirit. I have seen you and watched you in the little time I have known you, carry out some acts that leaves me wondering “can I do this for the Father and Kingdom if I were in his shoes?”

    You have taken stands for the truths revealed to you by the Holy Spirit even at the risk of being a sole voice, voicing that which shakes the traditions of men, the dogmas of denominations and the unverified theo-trado practices within many circles.

    You have impacted my studies and teachings in no small measure. You’ve made the ministry of the prophet-teacher as distinct from the general class of prophets and that of teachers, clearly understood.

    Thank you Daddy for being:
    A loving father……….✅
    A caring shepherd……..✅
    A diligent teacher…………..✅
    A master mentor………………..✅
    A focused role model……………..✅
    An accessible Senior Friend………..✅

    The arrangement of the ✅ is deliberately done and a message on its Daddy.

    Welcome to SIXTY-FINE and it sure do look good on you Daddy. May the Lord Himself bless you with all blessings due a father as you are. May He cause His face to shine upon you. As your days, so shall your strength be. It’s from glory to glory. Thank you for staying true to the call and for being a model in the Apostolic ministry with an uncommon integrity and diligent labour in the word.

    From I and mine, we say HAPPY BREATHNIVERSARY DADDY, Dr. Ogaga O. David.

    Sincerely Your junior friend.
    Dr. Osas.

    Dr. Osarumen Agharuwa
    GreatGrace Apostolic Faith Ministries



    Maxwell Ogaga
    Kingdom Developmennt Christian Centre Bonny Island